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Let there be Light, Sound, Art

a 3-day visionary art event in 2009

The early 2000’s in St Pete, FL was an interesting time to live in this now bustling art mecca. My wife and I were in the center of a dynamic and creative spiritual community in a town that was bursting with creativity and forward momentum. 

Hungry to create an event of our own, we decided to throw “a small art show” on 11/11/2009. In a flash of inspiration while brushing her teeth, she looked at me and said “Alex Grey.” I knew exactly what she was thinking and nodded, YES!. 

Our little event became a 3-day visionary art festival featuring Alex Grey, Allyson Grey and Jonathan Singer. We produced our first and biggest event with live music performances, motion visuals, live painting, discussion, art auction, meditation, art gallery, catered dinner and even a book signing by Alex. Here are some of those amazing memories from the event that started 1,111 Windows to the Soul!

Check out the interactive eye project!

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