The Original Art of Myco Bowen

1,111 Eyes / Mushroom Art / Visionary Art

“Spayaski” Hand-painted Mushroom Sculpture

Spayaski features hand-painted details on the cap and underside of the cap along with a skirt or veil for realism. This piece also uses neon yellow and green for blacklight glow effects and uses metallic paints for a beautiful purple cap.

Original one-of-a-kind art sculpture by MycoBowen. These priceless mushroom characters are hand sculpted from upcycled epoxy resin and meticulously painted with whimsical and accurate mushroom features. Themed with eyes of consciousness and flowing mycelial threads of neon paint inspired by nature’s mind-expanding “kindom” of mushrooms. Each mushroom has a psilocybe cubensis spore print on the bottom with my “MJB” artist signature.

Truly a unique piece to keep for yourself or a gift for that special mushroom/art lover!


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